Men's Accessories

    • Printed cotton scarf Printed cotton scarf
    • Silver and mother-of-pearl cufflinks Silver and mother-of-pearl cufflinks
    • Navy linen scarf Navy linen scarf
    • Patterned green silk tie
    • Silver cufflinks Silver cufflinks
    • Striated silver cufflinks Striated silver cufflinks
    • Sage green linen scarf Sage green linen scarf
    • Black silk bow tie
    • Thin blue silk tie
    • White silk pocket square
    • Brushed silver cufflinks Brushed silver cufflinks
    • Patterned burgundy silk tie
    • Patterned light blue silk tie
    • Tricolor club navy silk tie
    • Black silk bow tie
    • Navy silk bow tie
    • Navy silk knit tie Navy silk knit tie
    • Navy silk tie
    • Black silk tie
    • Gold cufflinks Gold cufflinks
    • Black cufflinks Black cufflinks
    • Brushed gold cufflinks Brushed gold cufflinks
    • Dark green silk tie
    • Blue cotton and silk tie
    • Vintage light green silk tie Vintage light green silk tie
    • Sage silk twill tie
    • Blue denim cap Blue denim cap
    • Fine patterned navy silk tie
    • Blue silk pocket square

    Because it's the small details that leave a lasting impression, discover our range of accessories. Belt, shoes ... A refined collection with simple shapes and luxurious finishes.