The collaboration "not at all at the end of the tether"...

We are happy to present you our capsule imagined with the instagram account @Couturfu.

With its incisive punchlines that stick to the news and mood swings of the fashion's microcosm , the Instagram account @couturfu diverts fashion images and campaigns by mischievously adding deliciously ironic captions.

“Humor is obviously a form of elegance. And diverting, desacralizing our shirts, it is in a certain way consecrate them as icons ”. — Eléonore Baudry, President of Maison Figaret

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@Couturfu drew inspiration from "open-space hell"

“ Office life is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me, a founding pillar of the @couturfu spirit. The white shirt is the ultimate symbol of this, so it all started with this archetype of the professional wardrobe. ” — @couturfu.

For this unprecedented collaboration, the choice initially fell on the white poplin shirt.Then, over the course of the exchanges, the ideas multiplied and the common desire to enrich the collection imposed itself.
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What is @couturfu's philosophy?

@couturfu is a parody Instagram account that turns fashion images into memes, addressing the crucial contemporary concerns such as aperitif and authorized overdraft. My philosophy of life is logically based on the precept "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do next week".

Why did you agree to collaborate with Maison Figaret?

It was all that separated us on paper that first aroused my curiosity. I really like the idea of decompartmentalising universes and communities. Figaret is in my imagination inseparable from the white shirt, which represents for me the ultimate symbol of office life. It is therefore through the prism of this archetype of the professional wardrobe that I approached this mini-collection: like a white page (in poplin) on which is proudly expressed what we think in a whisper.

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Where does this desire to discover what can be fun in the fashion world come from?

Fashion itself already excels in the exercise of the splits. Everything is both serious and light, vital and ephemeral, sublime and strange. I instinctively wanted to reconcile the ambivalence of an entire industry through memes with daily and implacable references. Fashion has many duties and making people laugh is for me the most necessary.

Why did you draw your inspiration from the "hell of open-space" when it came to associating Figaret and Couturfu?

I naturally wanted to join our strengths , to make this atypical union a real marriage of love. Together we have therefore imagined a set of modern times, tailor-made to face (and put into perspective) the next professional world, the one of extended videoconferences and missed deadlines. When I'm at the end of my tether... but it suits me well!

Don't you think accessibility and humor make brands less desirable?

Instead of accessibility I would rather speak of authenticity, of which empathy and sincerity are the hallmark. This is also where the recipe for a successful joke is nestled: we never laugh "at the expense of", but with others. Frivolity is the luxury of those who care little about ridicule, and it is in this that couture and humor form the ultimate combo "du turfu".

Do you think that your perfect (always benevolent) blend of sarcasm and absurdity is gradually pushing the fashion world to cheer up?

Sarcasm and self-mockery have thus become a way of distinguishing oneself in every sense of the word. Brands now master their communication thanks to social networks – sometimes turning into fully-fledged media. This involves new responsibilities such as listening and empathy. I often repeat that I didn't invent anything: @couturfu only puts the finger on the small evils of the modern world by turning the mirror upside down on an industry that can sometimes be blamed for being above ground.

The success of your instagram account has been dazzling, what perspective have you taken on in recent years?

I remain the first amazed by the scope of the account, born of a vast joke between friends on a corner of a bar. Knowing the world of fashion from quite a distance, I had the pleasure and the privilege of meeting brilliant and generous personalities, as visionary as they were endearing. I want @couturfu to keep its freedom and authenticity, which is why I don't run after collaborations. I favor my pleasure and the sincerity of the approach, whether it is my Fashion Survival Manual published in 2021 or this new capsule imagined for Figaret.

Finally, out of curiosity, have you ever received criticism from fashion houses regarding the humorous use and misappropriation of their images?

Never, luckily! I try not to scratch a designer's clothing or creativity because that's not really what this space is about. What gently stings my account are more the absurdity of a staging, the exaggeration of a pose or an expression. Today, the opposite is even happening: some brands send me their campaigns in preview…