Signature shirts

Carl and "Je t'aime", two signature models of the House, which combine modernity with Figaret expertise and quality.

The shirt in motion since 1968

Carl shirts

The Carl shirt is named after the customer who suggested the idea to us during a visit to our flagship store on rue de la Paix. This is the story of a refined man whom we listened to when designing this open-necked shirt, now baptized. Its open straight collar (3.5cm, neither too thin nor too wide), goes wonderfully on poplin, oxford, linen or even denim.

    "Je t'aime" shirts

    Freely inspired by the film "Things of life" by Claude Sautet.

    In this film, a staple of French cinema, "Je t'aime" is the message that Hélène (the legendary Romy Schneider) finds, typed on her typewriter by Pierre (the late Michel Piccoli).

    Having become a staple of the Figaret wardrobe, our "Je t'aime" shirt is the men's shirt that is never as well worn as by a woman.

    "Je t'aime" is subtly embroidered on the back of the button placket, not far from the heart. A message, a declaration of love addressed to the other or to oneself. An ode to love, sensuality and delicacy.