The heritage

A shirtmaking journey that commenced in 1968 and has endured ever since.

More than a brand, Figaret stands as a French fashion house boasting a rich emotional and cultural legacy.

The Figaret shirt: an emblem bridging classical heritage and contemporary vitality.

The Figaret shirt epitomizes timeless style.

Between order & disorder


The concept of "order" upholds the brand's heritage, in connection to enduring elements: the legitimacy of the master shirtmaker, the flawless mastery of classics, the precision honed through experience, the passage of time, and the transmission of ancient gestures.


The idea of "disorder" aligns with elements that fluctuate, injecting movement, life, and the unexpected into this heritage. It presents it in a new light, liberates creativity without denying identity, positions itself in the present, and engages with contemporary influences.